Episode #10: Lean Analytics for Large Companies with Ben Yoskovitz

October 29, 2016

Ben Yoskovitz is the co-author of Lean Analytics, a guide for organisations who want to use data to grow new businesses faster.

Ben has been the VP of Product at GoInstant, acquired by Salesforce in 2012, he was the founding partner at Year One Labs, an early stage seed acecelerator based in Montreal. One of the companies that came through the program, Localmind, was acquired by Airbnb.

He’s also made 15+ angel investments and runs the Instigator Blog which focuses on lean startup, product management and entrepreneurship.

Our discussion covers the following and more:

- origins of lean analytics

- defining the one metric that matters

- what does success look like?

- analytics for non-tech companies

- analytics for large companies

- how much data do you need to make a decision?

- knowing when to pivot or persevere

- how lean analytics can help product speak finance's language

- machine gun testing v targeted testing

- using lean analytics in small markets to support the exploration of disruptive innovation


For more on Ben Yoskovitz head to InstigatorBlog.com. You can purchase Lean Analytics from all good online bookstores and find out more at leananalyticsbook.com


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